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What People Are Saying About Rocky

"Rocky has been a a true blessing to me. She has saved me HOURS of time with the many projects  I have given her. She has helped me create my website, Facebook page, and launch numerous online offerings. She is a sounding board for my ideas, and will give open and honest feedback. I have come to her a number of times and said "this is what I want to do.... how do I do it?" and she ALWAYS comes up with a solution that is efficient and effective. I can always go to her with an idea and know she will create something AWESOME with it."


Julie Smith | | St. Louis, MO

"Rocky does amazing work – and she is amazing to work with.  She is incredibly creative and really knows what is important in branding and marketing.  She really gets the importance of social media and gently brought this reluctant old school business owner into the new reality of social media marketing.  She works fast and delivers a great product. Most importantly, she listened to what was important for my business and then made it happen."


Yvonne Kettering | Good Point Acupuncture
Round Rock, TX

"Rocky designed a website for me that was above and beyond my expectations. In addition, she understands how to strategically utilize social media platforms to maximize your marketing and connection needs. I highly recommend giving her a call to learn how she can assist you in establishing a design and marketing strategy that fits your needs!"


Hannah Kalk | Blogger | Pflugerville, TX

"Rocky is very prompt in completing your requests, very creative and knowledgeable, and easy and fun to work with. I highly recommend Rocky for any website, social media, or marketing needs! "


Katie Cobbs | Musician | Round Rock, TX

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