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Ideas to Engage with your Customers on Facebook

Here are some ideas to post on your business Facebook page:

1. Post pictures of your business and people in your business. It makes you more relatable and your customers will appreciate that. Consider posting pictures of your customers too (with permission of course).

2. Create a poll. You can do this from your business page. Ask for your customer's opinions on products, events or ideas you have.

3. Go "live" on Facebook for an event or for a Q & A with your customers. Let them see "inside" your business and what's happening behind the scenes.

4. "Like" other business Facebook pages and be engaging. Like their posts and comment. This will create a great online partnership and brand awareness for you.

5. Share a Throwback Thursday picture (preferably on a Thursday). This might be a picture of you as a young business professional or when you first opened. Include a Fun Fact that people may not know of.

6. Cross promote with your other social media platforms. Let your Facebook fans know if you have a Pinterest page, Twitter account, Instagram, etc. Be sure to include a direct link and image.

7. Hold a "Caption This" photo contest. Post a picture of something fun or of your business and have your customers comment. Select your favorite and give them a prize.

Have fun posting!

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