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6 Free Resources I Use for Business

Here are several free resources I use for business that I recommend for you. These are actual tools I use to either run my own business, or when helping others with their business.

Creative Market

Creative Market

I created a free account at and signed up for their newsletter. They send out free downloads every Monday. Each week I download 1 - 3 free fonts to add to my collection. I use these fun and new fonts when creating digital and print materials for customers.


Watermark Pro Lite (app)

I have this app downloaded on my phone. Make sure you select the "lite" version from the app store. It allows you to have one free image to watermark any pictures you take. I recommend having a .png file of your logo added to this library. When you take a picture that is worthy of branding, add your logo with this app. Use the text box to add your website address too. Save the image and post to social. Should it go viral, your brand/website is already watermarked on the image.


This is a great online resource to schedule meetings, trainings, and more. It can sync with your calendar to block out times when you are unavailable. The best part? People can sign up with your direct link, or you can create a unique link and once it is scheduled, they can't use it again.

[Full disclosure, you can have one scheduled event for free. If you want more than one event to sign up for, it will cost about $10/mo. There is also a phone app that can show you your event types and scheduled events.]

Google Drive

Google Drive

This one might seem obvious, but not everyone takes advantage of this software. Google Drive offers sheets (like Excel) and Google Docs (like Word) and you have unlimited storage space. I use Google Drive to store all my account reports, tracking hours, branding resources and more. You can set up folders to organize by account or topics. My favorite part is the shareable link. You can invite people to edit your content or simply view it. Plus, since it is a live link, it will update with any changes.

Doodle App

Doodle (app)

Ever have a hard time getting everyone on your team to decide on a date and time? Doodle allows you to set up a time poll that suggests a number of dates and times and allows people to vote and compare availability. It takes away the back and forth emails of figuring out logistics. Simply set up the poll and send out the link for people to vote.

Layout App

Layout (app) from Instagram

This is a great app for personal and business use. It is a simple way to create fun and one-of-a-kind layouts by remixing your own photos. Add a variety of pictures to one layout. Customize with borders and effects then save to your camera roll. (Don't forget to use that watermark pro app to brand it with your


Hope you enjoyed some of the tips and tricks I use that are great resources for business and personal use. Your feedback is welcomes, so please share your experiences, what you liked, and if you decided to use any of these platforms. Comment on my Facebook page or tweet me @Rocky_Bush.

6 free resources I use for business


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