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4 Things for Your Business During this Pandemic

These are unprecedented times and it's heartbreaking especially for small business owners. Over the last week I've slowly watched the wave of businesses closing their doors for the foreseeable future on social media. The letters are heartbreaking. The impact this will have is devastating. What's happening now is out of our control. Below are four things you can do now for your small business, even if you have had to temporarily shut your doors.

1. Respect Authority Guidelines. This is very challenging as is. It has a major effect on everything else including staffing, income, loss of product, and more. However, we've witness individuals and businesses that have gone against governmental guidelines. It's not only going against what the entire world has united to do, but it's reckless and bad PR for any business.

2. Go Virtual! Offer up virtual resources for your customers, or go virtual to work as a team. Now is the best time to go virtual. As someone who works from home, virtual can be highly effective if done correctly. For your team, set expectations and parameters in order to be the most efficient. Use resources like Zoom, Microsoft Team, Slack or G-chat. For your customers, what can you offer virtually that would be helpful right now? Maybe it's a short video of encouragement. Maybe you can offer classes. Think of resources that will benefit the people that follow you and love your brand.

3. Tackle That To-Do List Efficiently. You've been forced to close your doors, so now is the time to use the extra God-gifted time to be efficient. Spend time reading that book or listen to that podcast you've always had on your to-do list. Take time to do the little tasks that never get done because they seem too small. Work on projects that you thought you couldn't do until summertime and be efficient now. Things like revamping your menu, polishing your brand image or website, setting up future marketing campaigns and more.

4. Be The Light. Most importantly, be the light. It's a dark and scary time for many small business owners, but it's time to be the light. You have always been a light for your communities and that's why you opened your doors in the first place. You have a great heart and you go to extremes to help people. Now is the time we continue to unite and help people. Can you open your doors to be a food shelter location for your community? Can you make virtual videos or posts every day to say something positive in people's newsfeed? No matter what, be the light.

I've started posting things I'm grateful for on social with a picture using #TodayIAmGratefulFor. The objective is to add positivity and light to everyone's newsfeed while there's an abundance of negativity. Join me.

4 Things for Your Business During this Pandemic

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