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The Importance of Consistent Branding

Zoom out for a minute and let's assess the branding of your business from your customer's perspective. First, your website is a foundational piece of your business. Does your website reflect your identity and brand? Does it include your branded logo and have consistent brand colors and font throughout? If so, that's a great start!

Now let's zoom out even more and look at your social platforms for your business. At a minimum, your brand logo should be your profile image on each platform. Your header on each social platform should be consistent over all platforms and be a reflection of your brand. Ideally, this will match your website, or it will be promoting an upcoming event or promotion.

Are your social handles the same? Best case scenario they all match. This can be challenging depending on the name of your business. If not, they should be similar and connected to your website with links. (Tip: any link on your website leaving your website should open in a new tab or window. You don't want people go away from your site.)

Here is why it's important to be consistent in your branding:

✓ Brand recognition from your customers

✓ Consistency is key in branding

✓ It takes a new customer 7+ times to see your brand before buying. Hit that number faster when it's consistent on all platforms.

✓ It makes your brand feel more dependable

✓ Consumers trust brands they recognize

So where do you start?

Step 1: Define what your branding looks like and the message you want to portray.

Step 2: Identify your official logo, brand colors and font.

Step 3: Develop your website, the foundational piece of your business, to match your brand.

Step 4: Create (or update) your social platforms to match your brand.

Step 5: Be consistent in your messaging.

Here are some examples of a business owner that wanted to brand herself in a specific way. She had a vision for her brand and what she wanted portrayed. I was able to bring that vision to light and brand it across all platforms. Here's an example of what consistent branding looks like:

This is Jamie's website ( It has consistent fonts throughout and the colors have been identified as blush and grey. Her logo matches those colors and fonts.

Jamie's Website designed by Rocky Bush

Here are examples of all of Jamie's social media platforms that match her vision and branding:

Jamie's social platforms branded by

Jamie's social platforms branded by

Jamie's social platforms branded by

Jamie's social platforms branded by

Jamie's social platforms branded by

If you notice, everything is consistent on her social platforms as well. All the headers are made to size and match her website. Her social handles are all matching along with her "about" descriptions. (Note: I said earlier your profile image should be your logo. That's true. In this scenario, since it's branding an individual person, we used her profile image instead of her logo on most social platforms.)

Take these tips and apply them to your business. If you don't have a designated person or team to help you, that's where my Creative Ninja skills come in! Contact me to discuss your goals and objectives.

Importance of Consistent Branding

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