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4 Ways to Incorporate Videos

By now you should know that images perform better than just text by itself on social media platforms. But did you know that videos perform better than images? Videos are simply a more engaging form of content. You're more likely to have clicks and shares with a video than you are over any thing else. Video is so popular that Facebook even allows you to continue watching your video while scrolling through your feed.

Here are some creative ways to incorporate videos to your social platforms when branding.

Branded YouTube Channel

1. Create a YouTube Channel

This one might seem obvious, but its true. YouTube is the best video platform and you can create and customize your channel that matches your brand. Remember to do the following on YouTube:

✓ Brand your channel like you do with all other social platform

✓ Create a handle. Preferably one that matches your other social media handles.

✓ Have your website listed in the about section including key words.

✓ Have your website at the beginning of the description for all videos posted. Make sure to include the http:// before the website to create a hyperlink

✓ Share the YouTube link of your videos on other social platforms to gain views

2. Use the stories feature to tell your story

Instagram is most popularly known for their stories feature (Facebook has it too). You can record or post throughout your day and tell "your story" and each slide only lasts for 24 hours. Remember to do the following on Instagram:

✓ Tag others in your story, pin our location and use hashtags

✓ Keep the content relevant and interesting

✓ Engage with people who respond to your story or who post regarding your business

✓ Be consistent

✓ Connect your Instagram and Facebook account so your story will share in both places

3. Incorporate Flixel - by adding movement to pictures

Now you can add movement to pictures to make them more eye catching. You simply download an app on your phone to create these pieces of art. I downloaded one called Pixaloop. Most of these will require a subscription, but I was able to create this one free. Use these "moving pictures" for social media headers or in general posts. It's more eye catching!

4. Go Live!

You can go live on most social platforms these days. Create some hype about when and why you're going live. Your followers will get a notification that you're live and have the option to start viewing. You can do this inside specific Facebook groups or on your business page. Here are some business ideas for companies looking to go live for their followers:

✓ Realtor at an open house

✓ Bowling about to roll a 300 game

✓ Company event team builder where people are playing games

✓ Introduction of new staff members or fun facts of current employees

✓ Non-profit saying thank you and show how much they raised at an event

✓ Fundraising event to talk to the community

✓ Highlight a feature of your business most people don't know about

Remember, video gets more views, likes and shares. So share with a video the next time you post on social.

IMPORTANT TIP: I see this far too often, so please make sure you're not a victim of this. Make sure that all of the links on your website going away from your website open in a new tab or window. Especially your social media links. You want people to remain on your site. So if you're directing them somewhere else (social media platform, sign up form, other company, etc), make sure that link opens in a new tab or window so they remain on your page. If you're linking them to a new tab on your page, that does not need to open in a new tab. Email me with any questions.

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